Potable Aqua Solutions

Municipal potable drinking water plants and systems continue to face challenges associated with corrosion. Corrosion in water systems often donates metals such as lead, copper, iron and in some cases toxic hexavalent chromium (chrome 6). As these issues continue generating serious health and safety concerns, Guard Products’ PAS-Series continues to gain popularity as a preferred choice in water quality treatment and control.

The PAS-Series (Potable Aqueous Solutions) is Guard Products’ patented application method using exclusive Stannous Chloride solutions for the control of lead and copper leaching in water systems. The PAS blends are excellent corrosion inhibitors and leaching control agents demonstrated in the ability to effectively treat in both short and extended line lengths. Unlike phosphates, the performance of the PAS-Series is not affected by water quality. Also, in low application rates, PAS solutions reduce and convert toxic Chrome 6 (hexavalent chromium) to the safer Chrome 3. The PAS – Series offers distinct advantages over phosphate treatments making it an excellent alternative to conventional water treatment methods.

Advantages of Using PAS-SERIES

  • Control of soft metal leaching
  • Conversion of Chrome 6 (hexavalent) to Chrome 3
  • Excellent corrosion protection (esp. ductile iron piping)
  • Stable in hard and soft water
  • Low ppm application rates
  • DOES NOT form scale
  • DOES NOT donate nutrients for microbial growth
  • ANSI 60 Certified


PAS – 8150 (50% Stannous Chloride Solution): Commonly used by WTP’s and sites handling flow rates greater than 2 MGD. PAS – 8150 is commonly applied in ppb and gradually increased up to 2 ppm.

PAS – 8105 (5% Stannous Chloride Solution): Commonly used by WTP’s and sites handling flow rates less than 2 MGD. PAS – 8105 is commonly applied at ó ppm and gradually increased up to 20 ppm.


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