Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas is one of the major bedrocks of American industry. From exploration and extraction to abandonment or refining, there are many problems that challenge the industry’s working men and women. Performance, costs, and safety are a few of these everyday concerns.

With each of these concerns in mind, Guard Products has designed three new product lines that offer efficacy, economy, and safety: the Sul-Free Series, the Scale-Free Series, and the 500 Series.

Sul-Free Series

Guard Product's patented Sul-Free Series consists of a new group of scavengers, which demonstrate rapid reaction rates and high bonding capacity. Sul-Free Series blends are non-formaldehyde based chemistries. Guard Products now offers newly tailored blends, GT-615 and GT-650, designed to readily capture and react with H2S within seconds, other acid gases and mercaptans, and VOC’s found in wastewater, wastewater emulsions, and hydrocarbon streams. Low ppm rates of small concentrations demonstrate the effective capturing of some of the heaviest or longer chained and difficult to remove mercaptans.

Scale-Free Series

The Scale-Free Series is designed to rapidly penetrate and remove scales, which commonly form in down-hole operations, holding, transition transfer lines and other process applications. Scale-Free Series blends work quickly, are non-exothermic in use, non-regulated in shipment and friendly to handle.

500 Series

Sul-Free Series blends have good carry-over from straight scavenging to find use in other Guard Product's specialty cleaners. Guard Product’s new 500 Series offers tailored blends that are designed to rapidly degrease and clean bituminous, oil, and asphaltic soils in refining and transition or transfer applications while also controlling H2S content during process cleaning. #510 BOAR and #520 BOAR are Guard Product’s heavy-duty and super-duty solutions, which demonstrate rapid penetration of soils in steam cleaning applications. Both blends can tackle complete tank cleanouts whereas #520 demonstrates a more rapid soil penetration and emulsion split. #510 is designed to replace delimonene/citrus based micro-emulsions whereas #520 is designed to be a straight-solvent replacement. #510 & #520 are both non-V.O.C. donating compounds and are rated non-flammable / ship non-hazmat.


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