Municipal Potable Water & Wastewater


Municipal potable / drinking water plants and systems continue to face challenges associated with corrosion. Corrosion in potable systems often donates metals such as lead, copper, iron and in some cases toxic hexavalent chromium (chrome 6).

Guard Products offers the PAS-Series, its patented and certified chemistry based on stannous chloride, which efficiently inhibits corrosion and controls leaching. Also, unlike conventional treatment methods, the PAS-Series converts toxic CR 6 to the safer CR 3, is not a nutrient-donator, does not form scale, and is not sensitive to pH or soft and hard water sources. The PAS-Series demonstrates advantages in efficacy, flexibility in treatment, and resiliency in application. Learn More  


Wastewater is an issue most of us don't think about very much due to the fact that collection systems typically run underneath our cities to their respective Wastewater Treatment Plant. However, these systems are complex, dealing with a wide variety of variables from mechanics, physics and chemistry. Public complaints are due to issues such as odor, blockages, and even noise. These issues are dealt with every day at the wastewater utility.

Guard Products has developed novel chemistries that aid wastewater utilities in their dealing with some of these difficult to treat problems. Particularly, Guard Product’s Struv-Free Series safely and rapidly removes and prevents scale deposits, which in the past were dealt with by equipment and pipe replacement. Sul-Free Series of scavenging systems control toxic H2S odors, mercaptans, and VOC compounds within seconds. These flexible scavenging systems can be effectively applied in both aqueous and gas applications.

Struv-Free Series

Struv-Free Series is designed to deliver two options for municipal wastewater applications, scale deposit removal and scale formation prevention. The blends in the Struv-Free Series target various mineral scales such as struvite, vivianite, and inorganic carbonates. The Struv-Free Series products ship non-hazmat and are readily biodegradable. Learn More  

Sul-Free Series

Sul-Free Series is designed to selectively solve the issues of H2S, mercaptans, VOC’s, and FOG. Often most troubling, H2S is a highly toxic safety & regulatory issue, a source of corrosion that damages infrastructure, and a major source of odor complaints. Guard Product’s Sul-Free Series includes a variety of multi-purpose scavengers that find applications in a wide range of industrial treatments.

In addition to Guard Product’s patented Sul-Free Series, Guard Products now offers the Gas Taxi Series - exclusive low pressure mobile and skid scrubbing units. Gas Taxi scrubbers are available in standard or custom models, do not require power or traditional medias to operate, and are designed to work synergistically with Guard Product’s Sul-Free Series blends. Installation and handling is simple and Gas Taxi scrubbers operate and sweeten gas streams efficiently. Learn More  


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