Agricultural Industry

Conditions in today’s agricultural applications generate common issues such as odorous acid gases like hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mineral scale formations and water quality concerns such as contaminated or clogged irrigation and drip lines. Guard Products offers specialty products to help address these concerns.

H2S | Mercaptans | V.O.C. Control

Sul-Free Series

The agriculture industry has seen an increase in both the demand for on-site anaerobic digestion as well as gas stream capturing for the purpose of co-generation. Additionally, complaints and regulations can add difficulties to the many naturally occurring odors in operation. Guard Products' patented Sul-Free Series of scavengers and Gas Taxi Series of scrubbers are effective, economical, and safe solutions for wastewater and gas scrubbing or sweetening applications. Digesters, transfer lines, holding tanks, settling ponds or treatment lagoons can easily be treated with a tailored Sul-Free Series blend or Gas Taxi install.

Mineral Scale Control | Soil Conditioning | Drip Line Cleaning

Struv-Free Series

Often, dairies, hog barns, and other livestock operations generate struvite scale in transfer lines to lagoons. Whether these lines are above or below ground, cleaning the scale formation can be very difficult and very costly. The Struv-Free Series offers modified mild organic acid blends that both clean the lines and prevent the scale from forming again. In addition to mineral scale control, the Struv-Free Series ST-2520 can also be used as a soil conditioner for pH buffering, be applied as a nutrient donator, and as an efficient drip line cleaner in crop farming applications.


Gas Taxi Series

Guard Products offers the exclusive Gas Taxi Series which includes standard and custom mobile and skid scrubbing systems for low pressure vent gas / exit pipe applications. The units are designed to be used exclusively with Guard Products’ Sul-Free Series scavengers and do not require power or traditional media to operate. The Gas Taxi units are simple to install and efficient in operation.


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